Fantastic figures ...

... which find their lovers in the whole world

My marionettes are unique and divided in three groups:


Krone Krone Krone
Fantasie1 PortraitMusiker Auftrag2
Fantasy & fairy tale Costumes for a big
Christmas event in England
Commissioned work

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Expressive, unique, fully playable marionettes an standpuppets were made by me in loving and sophisticated craftsmanship according to my own ideas or to customer specifications. There is nothing readymade, not the hair, not the shoes, not even the material.

The inner workings of the figures is modeled after the classic puppet theater called a ring screws marionette - anatomically correct and fully playable. Head and hands are made of ceramic materials. The costumes are made from the finest materials and accessories. Each character takes an extra cut - as in the tailoring!
Thus the figure is also playable for everyone, it was chosen a proven game cross - with a little talent learned in 15 minutes to use it.
The puppets are usually 40-60 cm tall, from the feet up to the point where they hang about 120 cm.